Gateway Outdoors is a recognised AAP for DofE expeditions, we can accommodate large groups or tailor your needs for small groups equally.

From our base in Shropshire, we can help design a programme to suit you and get you to the locations, you would like!

Open expeditions are available in the ‘Courses’ page!

Check out our expeditions to get some ideas, then get in touch to start creating your own trip!

We treat Bronze and an introduction to the outdoor environment, it is a great way to learn about being in the outdoor environment and share an adventure with your friends.

Most of the Bronze expeditions we do are large school groups. These are then organised for the school as a complete package, to suit the dates, location and the requirements of the school. We go all over the country to deliver this locally to schools, as we believe in accessing the local area to participants.

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Silver is an opportunity to develop the skills learnt at Bronze level and put them to practice in a bigger environment. This means upping the level of challenge to the participant by the size of the hills or using a different or new means of travel, we can offer, mountain bike expeditions and canoe expeditions for all levels. But this seems to be popular for those who want to get to grips with a different form of travel prior to their Gold.

GOLD is the big one! We often hear / speak with people who have achieved their Gold expedition, but can’t remember anything about it! So, we have put a lot of thought into our expeditions to come up with memorable expeditions that people will recognise as a substantial feat in their own right!

We specialise in dealing with the small groups that a lot of people can’t, as a result they get our full attention and manage to complete some memorable expeditions.

Examples include, Canoeing across Scotland, River Spey descents, Loch sheil ‘bonny prince charlie’ and the harry potter viaduct’, Cycle the Cathar Castles of the Pyrenees, Cycling across wales, Scottish Wilderness To get a flavour of the things we do, you can look back through our facebook pages or look through the ‘expeditions’ page.

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Want to push you gold expedition a little further afield? Have a destination in mind? Not sure how to go about complete this? Then just get in touch! We have considerable experience all over the UK, Europe and around the world. So, we can advise on things like locations for specific expeditions and types of expeditions that suit certain areas!


Whilst we provide the whole package from ‘paperwork’ to ‘delivery’, we are equally happy to help out schools / groups who just need a bit of support!

This may be hiring kit, getting a supervisor to help with the technical side of training or just an Assessor.

Please get in touch, as we would like to support the participants to achieve.